Hundredfold Workshop


To equip Catholic laity to form vibrant Vocation Ministries that promote vocations to marriage, priesthood, and consecrated life in their parishes.

Learn How to Promote Vocations in Your Parish:

  • What is a Vocation Ministry and why do we need one?
  • What is the recipe for a vocation-producing parish?
  • What is the message young people need to hear?
  • How do we start and sustain our ministry?

Make a Concrete Plan for Your Parish Ministry:

  • Choose realistic activities in the areas of Prayer, Education, Youth, and Affirmation
  • Discuss how to celebrate various dates such as National Vocation Awareness Week
  • Set goals and leave with a plan to get started!

Who Should Attend

All Catholics interested in helping to promote vocations are invited. In particular, this includes lay leaders such as Parish Council Presidents or catechists, as well as those with an official capacity, such as priests, deacons, sisters, parish staff, DREs, Catholic school staff and faculty, youth ministers, campus ministers, etc.

Rhonda Gruenewald is the author of Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry. Based in Houston, Rhonda has been invited by many bishops to help start Vocation Ministries in their dioceses. Audiences love her charm, wit, and wisdom—not to mention her practical know-how about reaching young people with a pro-vocations message.