A woman desiring to follow Christ more closely as a Religious Sister must be a baptized, confirmed and practicing Roman Catholic with a desire to give her life to God and the Church and who also:

  1. QualificationsDesires a life of prayer and service.
  2. Has acquired a deepening habit of prayer and a balanced devotional life.
  3. Lives a sound moral life.
  4. Is within the eligible age range required by the religious congregation.
  5. Is free from sacred bonds such as marriage vows, etc.
  6. Is free from the dependency of children and parents.
  7. Enjoys good mental health including emotional balance and maturity.
  8. Has the psychological readiness and capacity to pursue a sustaining, life-long commitment
  9. Enjoys good physical health.
  10. Is free from financial obligations or has a plan for payment that is agreeable with the accepting congregation..
  11. Has the educational background required by the religious congregation.
  12. Is developing a spirit of detachment that will help her be in the world but not of the world.