World Day of Prayer for Vocations

How can your parish celebrate World Day of Prayer for Vocations in a meaningful way?

Religious Education
Make sure that Religious Education teachers include a component about vocations in their classes.

Youth Ministry
If your youth group meets on Sunday nights (as many do), have a priest or sister attend the meeting and teach the youth about methods of praying to discern their vocations.

Eucharistic Procession
Processions are not just for the Feast of Corpus Christi! There is a bilingual booklet available called Eucharistic Procession for Vocations, which leads participants through visiting three “altars” to pray for vocations.

Vocation Prayer Apostolate
Ask the sick and homebound to offer up their suffering for more vocations to the priesthood. This is best done through Eucharistic Ministers to the sick, who can invite the sick to participate.

Eucharistic Adoration
If you parish has a Eucharistic Adoration chapel, consider a “drive” to sign up more adorers on World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

Serra Club
Invite your local Serra Club to make an appeal for new members on this day.

Launch New Vocations Initiatives 
Have you been meaning to start a Vocations Chalice of Vocations Crucifix program? World day of Prayer for Vocations is a great “kickoff” day.