Learn about Seminary

The best formation the Church offers!

Mount St MarysThe seminary is the place where a man is formed mind, body, and soul into the image of Jesus Christ.  Seminaries are not places where men walk around in silence all day chanting in Latin. Rather, they are places of joy, camaraderie, and deep learning!  Today’s seminarians experience the best formation the Church offers!

In order to become Catholic priest, a man must fulfill three basic requirements: a college degree, 2 years of Philosophy study, and 4 years of Theology study.  Some men enter seminary while still in college and so they attend College Seminary.  Once they get a degree, they can transfer to Major Seminary.

College or “Minor” Seminary

Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus

Theology or “Major” Seminaries

Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, Cincinnati

Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus

Pontifical North American College, Rome, Italy

Sacred Heart School of Theology, Hales Corners, WI